Link between Traumatic Childhood and Depression

To be very honest, I used to hate children. They nag, cry, demand attention, need to be looked after and are so damn expensive! At times I feel a smack across the face would shut them up fine. The only thing stopping me is what if they don’t stop crying? The noise would drive me crazy! I often see kids at the store nagging their mothers for a crappy brand of cereal just for the cheaply built Chinese toy. If they were my kids, I’d yank their feet out from under them and drag them to the counter! Maybe even stall a bit just so someone can run them over with a shopping cart.

You must understand these were my views up till a few years ago. I do not approve, recommend or advise treating children like I described! I am a married writer, soon to be a father who is struggling to get an engineering degree. You can see I have enough on my plate. My views only changed after an unfortunate accident, causing my nephew to move in with my wife and me.

Initially, my nephew and I shared aggressive stare downs, black eyes over the remote and the often intentional spilling of drinks on each other. With time, his smile became my inspiration. My day seems incomplete if I don’t take him to soccer or karate practice, watch him draw as I write, force my wife to chase him around the house or tuck him in at night. Well, my caveman like perception of reproduction and offspring took a u-turn.

Now I can not dream of hitting a child. The thought hadn’t entered my mind up until I wrote the first line of this article. This is because now I have become aware of how a person’s childhood shapes their future. With research as a hobby, I learned that the most prevalent cause of depression is a rough childhood. Unfortunately, man is not a perfect creature. Some are angels, and some actually get off on child porn.

Numerous insecure cowards vent on their children in the forms of physical, sexual or verbal abuse. Scientists believe if abuse begins earlier than the age of six, the likelihood of depression increases almost ten fold!
Abuse can come from parents as well as others. Amazingly, the lack of playmates, lack of new experiences, over protection and even a bad diet can lead to depression.

Mental stimulation is a necessity for everyone no matter what the age. Without proper and safe mental exercises, growth can never take place. Extreme poverty, racial discrimination and a disruptive home environment all have negative affects on the mind. All this relates to the feeling of abandonment and degradation causing insecurities. I have a few friends with childhood issues. Fortunately, the only abuse they faced was from me in high school. I wasn’t a very friendly kid.

Unfortunately all forms of abuse are not visible and are often unintentional. Misunderstanding between spouses, like arguments, also leave a gloomy image in a child’s mind. Cases have been seen where depression was initially caused by separated parents. Not everything is avoidable but I urge readers with children to take extreme caution around little ones. The best cure is love. Specially if it can be used to avoid a thing like depression.

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