Secret Lives of Manic Depression Patients

As opinionated as I am, I have been given a reputation of being judgmental and unforgiving when it comes to criticism and first impressions. I have carried the “bully” I was born as on through elementary, college and into my professional life. I enjoyed picking on people’s flaws. Oblivious to the fact that they were […]

How to Love your Spouse Suffering from Manic Depression

Love is said to increase with time. You get married, have children, age and eventually die. Yes, life is like that for the most of us mortals. People go far with words. The funniest statement I’ve heard is, “Our love is aging like fine wine!” Are you serious? My wife and I are both college […]

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We Need Your Help

We Need Your Help! Are You or Someone You Know Suffering from Depression? Would you be kind enough to share your story with us? It can provide insights and help others who facing the same problem as you are. We want to collect hundreds of case studies about people suffering from depression. This will help […]

Treating Depression Naturally, Quickly and Permanently

What are the ways of treating depression naturally without any medication? I really hate medication as a way of treating depression. I think people should avoid medicine at all costs. If your depression is too severe and has been going on for long time, you might consult a doctor and take medication. But for others, […]

Best Ways to Beat Depression | Beat Depression Naturally

Depression is quite serious disease that affects a person mind, body and thinking capacity It is mental disorder that sorts of disconnects you from the out-side world. You begin to get disassociated from life, begin to feel tired as your problems get expounded day by day. Let us discuss a few best natural ways to […]

Manic Depression Symptoms

How to Know If You Have Manic Depression Symptoms?

Do you have random and wild mood swings? Though it is very common for people’s mood to change suddenly at some point during their life, if it happens more often than is common, like once a day or several times a week; it is possible that you could be displaying manic depression symptoms, more commonly […]

Types of Depression

What Are the Different Types of Depression? How to Find Your Depression

Have you been feeling depressed lately, but you’re not sure if you’re actually suffering from depression? Or, maybe you suffered from depression in the past, and you’re afraid that you’re starting to feel the symptoms again.  Regardless of what your questions are about depression, one of the most important aspects that you need to resolve […]

Mindfulness Techniques to Overcome Depression

Depression can be very destabilizing experience in a person’s life. Battle with Depression is a long one where we lose more than we win. While medications and therapy are main sources used to fight depressive mental disorder, there are other ways to help reduce depression. Mindfulness is a procedure used by people suffering from Depression […]