How to Become Resilient to Stress & Depression | tips for stress management

In this article, we talk about becoming strong and resilient in facing stress. If you want to know more details, click here – how to become resilient to stress!

Stress is the emotional and physical effect caused due to pressure from outside world. It is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand.

Stress is caused by both good and bad experiences. When people face stress, their bodies release chemicals into the body. These chemicals give people more energy and strength.

If stress is caused by physical danger, it can be a good thing as it will make you extra alert. But it can be bad if stress is in response to something emotional and there is no outlet for this extra energy.

Common stress reactions include tension, irritability and unable to concentrate on work. Besides these, a person may also feel wide variety of physical symptoms which include headache, rapid heartbeat, butterflies in stomach etc.

It is impossible to live without stress, as it is a part of our daily lives. A little bit of stress can add excitement in our lives. But if it becomes out of control then it may harm our health, relationships and enjoyment of life.

In today’

s world, most people find themselves under undue stress due to excessive load in their lives. Stress can be due to financial problems, pressure at workplace, relationship problems and even health issues.

The cost of living is always increasing. A person finds it difficult to handle all the monthly expenses. He works hard for hours everyday, yet is hardly able to clear his monthly bills. This can cause a great amount of stress and frustration for such an individual.

Employee expectation and competition at workplace is becoming fierce. You are made to work more than you can handle. This again can become a leading cause of workplace stress.

If you want to manage stress properly you need to remember few things:

1. You need to identify warning signs of stress.

2. Understand how stress affects mind and body.

3. Need to implement effective stress management techniques.

4. If you are unable to handle all of this, then seek professional help.

Some of the highly resilient people are said to have a set of attributes that make them more successful than the rest of group of people. Some of these qualities are as follows:

1. People who have better understanding of issues they face and those who can share it with others who are close to them.

So being self aware is an important trait which you need to possess. This can help in quickly identifying any problems you are facing so that you can deal with them.

2. Be positive and advise yourself more than you advice others. Resilient people are seen often advising themselves, so that they can better handle a difficult situation.

3. They have naturally optimistic approach to life. They participate in it as much as they can because they are confident to stand up again when they are knocked down.

They focus on positive aspects of life and enjoy them to the fullest. Even though, they are fully aware of negative aspects, still they are not so much bothered or worried about them. They are people with strong determination and an iron will.

4. Stress can make a man turn into a coward. For example, if you were  bullied at school you would decide it is better to silently put up with it. This causes immense stress on you. But highly resilient people face such situation head on, and try to do the best they can for solving such a problem.

5. They accept grief, sadness and failure as an inevitable part of life. As such they are not too much bothered about it. Many resilient people have strong faith in God, and put their trust in Him. They are willing to firmly stand up to trials of this world.

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This program can be very helpful in learning effective strategies to become mentally strong so that you can handle the challenges of the modern world.

So equip yourself with this knowledge right now. Stress is unavoidable part of our lives. So we need to learn how to deal with it effectively. Because if we cannot avoid it, we better learn to manage it and face it strongly.

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  1. To Love the Creator and to worship Him becomes the real miracle of happy living.
    To trust Him and leave your affairs in His Hand after saying your prayers will be the best.

  2. Death of loved once are another form of distress to cope with. However religion also makes
    us aware that there is another world after this and the soul is born there.And that when our time comes we would be able to meet our loved once.That world is more beautiful than this world.So again spiritual knowledge gives us inspiring and uplifting perceptions about life
    and makes us happy.Life is ongoing even after dead of the body.Soul lives on in another more beautiful world call heaven. How wonderful.

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