Postpartum Depression Treatment – Easy Cure Tips

Postpartum Depression Symptoms and TreatmentCongratulations, having a baby is one of the most important and happiest days in any one’s life. Giving birth to baby is easily one of the most physical and emotional success in any women’s life. Unfortunately, why do many women feel sad and depress during pregnancy or after it. Some face post partum depression and find delivery difficult are in state dealing with serious conditions.

Experts revel that some of the reasons behind postpartum depression are physical exhaustion, loss of blood, drugs and hormones are all reasons that cause her health to deteriorate.

Even problem with child after birth can cause mother to remain in postpartum depression for longer time. If a woman feels she is being stuck with baby full time this feeling can too cause postpartum depression and even more so if husband is away from house more than she would like to spent time.

If mother suffers with postpartum depression then she is not allowed to take drugs for postpartum depression. Since these drugs can be passed to baby by her milk. As many as 80% women undergo mood changes after pregnancy like for example they feel upset, unloving to their baby, afraid and they too see themselves guilty for feel this way.

Most women experience mild symptoms and these go away by themselves. Such depression occurs soon after having a baby that some health professionals call it postpartum non-psychotic depression. This condition takes place in about 10-20% of women within a short span after child birth.

In here factor that can proof risky are previous major depression, psychosocial stress and inadequate social support and even previous premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

Women suffering from postpartum depression worry about baby’s health and have negative thoughts about baby. Fearing about harming the infant even though they do rarely act on them.

Symptoms of such disorder are depressed mood, tearfulness, inability to enjoy pleasurable activities, sleep trouble, appetite problems and suicidal thoughts.

They also feel there are inadequate as a parent and have not proper concentration.

Changes in hormones can affect mood, many new mothers are very tired after giving birth. Muscle ton change also occurs after delivery and soreness and pain in area around the birth canal makes many women uncomfortable. Physical recovery after cesarean delivery may take even longer after vaginal delivery.

Some common emotional changes after women delivery babies are:

  • They feel loss of an old identity or are overwhelmed with responsibilities of motherhood.
  • They feel stress from changes in routine, experience fatigue due to improper sleep patterns.
  • Are less attractive sexually and feel trapped at home. Note number of children or mother’s age has nothing to relate to her likelihood of getting postpartum depression.

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