How to Know If You Have Manic Depression Symptoms?

Manic Depression SymptomsDo you have random and wild mood swings? Though it is very common for people’s mood to change suddenly at some point during their life, if it happens more often than is common, like once a day or several times a week; it is possible that you could be displaying manic depression symptoms, more commonly called bipolar disorder.

Do not worry if you do not have any clue about it. This article should clarify this thing for you. First of all, let us understand what are the manic depression symptoms, and how can you know if you are suffering from this debilitating problem?

The first step is to understand exactly what manic depression is. Basically, it is when a person has two separate states. In one state, called the manic state, the person feels almost euphoric, has extreme confidence or sometimes over confidence in their abilities, and feels extremely powerful and motivated.

They may be happy for no reason, they frequently will have a very difficult time getting themselves to stop talking. Racing thoughts are also a problem that comes up for people in this state.

Because most of the feelings involved in this state are pleasurable, many people that suffer from bipolar disorder don’t consider them as manic depression symptoms, so diagnosis can be difficult.

It is extremely important to check for this state if you think you may have manic depression, because treating the wrong thing can be disastrous.

The other side is the depressed state. In this state, the person either has extreme trouble sleeping, or sleeps far more than is necessary; they will experience feelings of hopelessness and or self doubt, and they’ll find themselves depressed for no reason.

Obviously, this is the state that tends to cause more problems with manic depression, although both sides can have their issues.

What makes this disorder so unique and what makes manic depression symptoms so difficult is the interaction of the two states. Because the individual switches between states almost randomly and without control, it can be very difficult to notice the different states.

This is because most people only worry about depression when they’re in the depressed state, very few people will go to the doctor when they’re feeling euphoric or powerful. So, if you are wondering if you have this disorder, it’s important to go through both sides of manic depression symptoms to ensure that you have both states.

If you do not have or experience the manic state, but you still have all the symptoms of the depressed state; and you probably suffer from what is called major depression. Since treatment for this is fairly different from manic depression or bipolar disorder, it is extremely important that you make the distinction.

If in doubt, make sure that you consult a physician or psychotherapist, because taking the wrong drug can severely worsen your problems.

If you do think that you have most of the manic depression symptoms, then it is extremely important that you consult a psychotherapist or physician so that they can begin treatment. It is important to realize that depression is not just an emotional state; it is a disease that causes a certain emotional state.

Because of this, you cannot simply get through the depression on your own; it needs to be treated. There are treatments available that may help you. I don’t recommend taking medication to treat depression as there can be side effects.

Thankfully, there are many natural therapies and treatments available without resorting to medications. I suggest people who suffer from manic depression symptoms to try such treatments first.

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