How to Love your Spouse Suffering from Manic Depression

Love is said to increase with time. You get married, have children, age and eventually die. Yes, life is like that for the most of us mortals. People go far with words. The funniest statement I’ve heard is, “Our love is aging like fine wine!” Are you serious? My wife and I are both college graduates. I just checked again! We never learned anything like that! Truth be told, the only thing aging is us. My love is still as young as the day I first laid eyes on the little miscreant! I have yet to get her views on the matter though. Marriage is testing no doubt. I can not imagine how testing it would be if your spouse was suffering from manic depression. I can say love conquers all.

Oblivious to many, manic depression is a very common disorder. The patients suffer from extreme risk taking behavior, carelessness with money, over zealous attitude, no need for sleep, high self esteem and an state. These symptoms can last from a day to a week. The depression involves suicidal inclinations, rapid increase/decrease in appetite, drowsiness through out the day, decline in sex drive and even unexplained physical complaints. Depression can last for months on end!

The worrying bit is that the patient diagnosed usually shows symptoms of both mania and then depression from time to time. There can be instances where the patient is symptom free! A teensy weensy crack at the patient’s appearance can cause an unexpected reaction. They might go into a depressive state or maybe even laugh it off as if it were the funniest thing they had ever heard! Extreme patients can also experience hallucinations!

Problems Between Spouses When One Has Manic Depression

Like me, every happily married man usually describes his wife with the symptoms of manic depression. But only one married to a patient would understand the true meaning of the disorder. Unfortunately, the figures reveal that marriages don’t last very long when the spouse has manic depression symptoms. Divorcees have often complained of the inability of their spouse to hold down a job, save money, satisfy them and even act remotely in love. In my view, did these people actually love their spouse to begin with? Not once have I heard a patient complaining of how misunderstood they were!

They simply moved on living with the burden and false pretense that will never be loved! Marriage is about understanding, patience, care and having no fear of what might happen as long as they are with the one they love! (I should get my wife to read that last bit. Maybe I’ll get a steak dinner tonight.) With the first sign of trouble they file for a divorce?

Love, Care and Patience

Unknown to them, there are ways to help patients monitor their manic and depression attacks. With a caring individual, the patient is guaranteed to be under constant care and supervision. This reduces the chances of an episode exponentially. Even if the patient refuses medication, a little patience, a lot of love and trust in one another can help a marriage survive. If today I find out my wife has the disorder I won’t just run out and buy all the drugs legally possible. But I won’t leave her because she spends too much, or doesn’t get it on anymore. I’ve been married for years now and I’m pretty much used to that already!

Steps if Your Spouse Displays Manic Depression Symptoms
If your spouse has the disorder, sit down with a professional and have a long discussion. Learn about the symptoms and how to prevent them. It will require time and patience. You must learn to watch and understand what’s going on inside your spouse’s head. If love can’t lift one out of depression, or bring someone back to earth during mania, I’m not sure what can.

If you or someone close has the disorder, please learn to recognize the symptoms and make sure you know what to do incase of an emergency. No human being was created perfect. Having a disorder does not mean you are not capable of being loved.

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