We Need Your Help

depression help We Need Your Help!

Are You or Someone You Know Suffering from Depression?

Would you be kind enough to share your story with us? It can provide insights and help others who facing the same problem as you are.

We want to collect hundreds of case studies about people suffering from depression. This will help us research and understand the problem better. If that happens, we can better help out people like you.

All you need to do is share your depression story with us in detail. Who knows it might be really helpful in finding out new and better ways of treating this dreadful problem.

Try to answer the following questions in detail in your story:

  • From how long are you suffering from depression? When did it start?
  • How did it start? Was there any specific traumatic event?
  • Did you face any mental or physical abuse as child or adult?
  • What are your common symptoms of depression?
  • Are you taking any medication? If so, which ones and do you notice any side effects?
  • Did you try out any therapy or visit a doctor or psychologist?
  • Is the depression getting worse as time progresses or is it reducing?
  • Any tips or suggestions which helped you and might help others too.
  • Your feelings and thoughts about this disorder

Forward Your Story Today

Tell us your story and try to be as detailed as possible. The above questions can help in getting the complete details out of you.

Your story and that of many others might help us in our research to develop deeper understanding of the problem. We can then work with experienced therapists to develop better and more refined ways of addressing the problem.

We might publish your story on our site, or any other site or publication if required. So, at the end of the story, please explicitly state that you give us permission to publish your story and/or use it in further research.

If, in future, we launch any special website, forum or product then we can grant you exclusive access to it, as a token of appreciation for your thoughtful contribution.

Enter your story in the form below. Try to be as detailed as possible giving small details and mentioning specific incidents if possible.

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