Life of Catherine Zeta Jones and Manic Depression

Catherine Zeta-Jones, the Welsh born seductress, gained fame for the role of Elena in the movie “The Mask of Zorro”. She was quite highly praised for her acting in “Entrapment” and “Traffic”. The word “vamp” was actually created for Catherine. She is a feast for the eyes even at the age of forty! I’ve been fortunate enough to have known many gorgeous women. I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world when I married one. Only later did I realize that not all beautiful women are smart!

But contrary to my research- Catherine Zeta-Jones has her own production company, is professionally trained in dancing and made $1.8 million just by giving magazines photography rights of her wedding! In law suits alone, she has made up to $5 million dollars! All that money, all that beauty, plus the beauty to maintain it all; my gut kept telling me something was off. Well guess what? She has manic depression!

Manic depression can be the hardest to diagnose of all mental disorders. This is because its symptoms are shared with numerous other disorders including ADD and Schizophrenia! It affects how you think and there fore act. Mania is a state of overly excessive self esteem, confidence, sex drive, carelessness, lacking need of sleep and general tendency to show genius. Symptoms of depression include exhaustion, increase/decrease in appetite, the lack of interest in previously enjoyed activities, reduced sexual drive, suicidal inclinations and even suicide attempts.

Mania or depression can be referred to as a significantly massive mood swinging problem. Mania can last up to a few weeks while depression can drag on for up to a year! Many undiagnosed patients have had to suffer constant intolerance by their elders, school administration, or even spouses because they were simply thought of as being unruly.

So how does someone so famous have such a disorder? If you can’t seem to connect the dots let me do it for you. With her Oscar deserving acting, she is most obviously in a manic state. She was in her extreme state of depression when she fell for Michael Douglas (the husband and every male’s enemy) and once again in mania when he fell for her! Who wouldn’t? Have you seen her body?! Imagine what she could do with that body in mania! As the years went by, Michael was diagnosed with cancer. Only after his long and exhausting recovery, did Catherine Zeta-Jones reveal that she was a patient of Bipolar I.

Living with manic depression is not easy and was probably not a single bit easier for a celebrity like Catherine. Especially since one of the major triggers of both mania and depression is stress! With constant demanding fans, an ill husband, a child to look after, a career to worry about and all the money to manage she is truly a strong woman and can be used as a role model for patients in need of one. Unfortunately, there is no physical test to prove the disorder’s presence. The only test is a psychological evaluation by a trained professional. In some extreme cases, delusions and danger to others has also been noted.

Thus, if you or someone around you has manic depression, it is your duty to learn and teach the symptoms and precautions. It was extremely brave of her to announce she was seeking help in a mental health facility. I’m sure if her millions of fans could understand her fragile mental state, your loved ones most definitely will too. If you have Bipolar disorder, come out to those around you, for their safety and your own!

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