Story of Abraham Lincoln and His Depression | abraham lincoln depression

Abraham Lincoln is known for his honesty, his failures and for resembling the ‘dude’ on the penny. In our day and time, neither of the mentioned qualities would create much hype. They would definitely not get you on the cover of a magazine.

Random fact: Abraham Lincoln shared a bed with his best friend, Joshua Speed, for duration of four years. (Maybe Michael Jackson was just born in the wrong century!) In the late eighteenth century, sharing a bed was not a sign of homosexuality. It was actually encouraged and solidified the bond between friends. Joshua Speed had come to the aid of Honest Abe many times through out his rocky life.

Another fact not known to many is that Lincoln suffered from severe depression. I’m sure now you understand why he looks dead tired and apathetic in his photographs. The poor guy lost his only brother at a very young age. His mother, aunt and uncle succumbed to disease and passed away.

A few years later his sister died while delivering a still born. He lost his job, his business collapsed (Abe was in debt for seventeen years!), he failed to be nominated for congress, senate and the vice presidency too! In my opinion, his worst failure was being dejected by two women. I don’t own a car, brush away cobwebs in my bank account and write for a living. Yet I was quite the chick magnet before I met the devil and got married. This guy is the epitome of depression!

Lincoln’s successes have been documented more than once and he is usually the best example of determination and hard work. But how did the guy cope with depression and the presidency?! Abe had true friends, will power comparable to none, and the determination of a rock and thus was able to tackle depression in a medication-free method. He was surrounded by loving people.

Many depressives don’t realize how many people care for them and similarly, he didn’t either. Often preferring solitude, weeping in public, quoting melancholic poetry and the oddly placed jokes and humor made his depression quite obvious. He depended heavily on family, friends and his bad sense of humor. He told jokes and stories at odd times – he needed the laughs, he said, for his survival. Abe also found solace in the bible. (Married men should be wary of using bad humor. Wives like mine usually show their disapproval of a bad joke by hurling a book or vase.)

My style of writing might not portray the life of depression victims as efficiently as other writers. I try to maintain a general uplifting tone. Thus, you might feel that Abraham Lincoln was not as severely depressed as our modern day, protein deprived youth. For your information, President Abraham Lincoln had also attempted suicide!

With belief, love and determination, Abe realized he could serve a great purpose by living. He ran the country during one of the worst times possible. The country had just faced the Great Depression, was in civil war and was divided by slavery and racial prejudices. President Abraham Lincoln was able to set aside his woes, and independently run the country free of his depression and melancholy.

Love, trust, faith and self belief can cure any illness in the world. I urge any depressive reading this to have faith in your loved ones around you and let them help. Suicidal inclinations should be taken very seriously and you should seek help immediately! Try keeping yourself busy, add humor to your conversations and speak about your worries to someone who can guide you and someone who cares for you. Try to do be involved in some constructive work, which can help taking your mind off things that worry you.

These tidbits/cures to depression were actually used by Honest Abe. If he can go on to become president, why can’t a depressive go on to lead a normal life? When he became president and had to deal with a lot of problems that the country was facing, he forgot all about his own depression as he got busy in resurrecting the country.

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