Learn How to Overcome Depression – 6 Very Important Steps

All people suffer from depression at some point in their lives. You may be surprised to know that many celebrities and famous personalities of history suffered from depression at some point in their lives. However, they fought hard against it and tried to overcome it. Some of the famous people who suffered from depression are – Winston Churchill, Princess Diana, JK Rowling (author or Harry Potter Series) to name just a few.

There are many things which can trigger depression in people. It could be an illness, a traumatic incident etc. It is one of the most terrible mental illness which is very painful to endure. I want you to seriously answer this question – what thing triggered depression in your life?

The life of someone suffering from depression can turn completely upside down. Some people may get over depression in a few months, while in others it might last even a lifetime or at least for many years. Do you want to learn how to overcome depression and not face this everyday of your life?

Here are useful steps if you want to know how to overcome depression permanently:
Howe to Overcome Depression Naturally
Step 1: Exercise – Exercising is great for overcoming depression. When you exercise regularly and see positive changes in your body and physical appearance, you begin to feel good about yourself. You will also feel good mentally after regular exercises. You can notice your moods are instantly lifted after a satisfying workout.

Many people find it difficult to exercise regularly. The good news for such people is that the beginning is probably the hardest part. If you can make yourself exercise regularly for a few days, then it should become easy to continue with the habit. Your whole outlook of life can change. You can find that exercise helps you to develop a more positive outlook of life, it soothes and relaxes you mentally.

Don’t think that you need to join gyms or buy expensive equipments for exercising in order to overcome depression. You will be glad to know that any kind of exercise is good. Even a workout of 15 minutes can be super helpful if done regularly. You can do something as simple as brisk walking or jumping rope or swimming for 15-30 minutes daily. The key is to do it regularly and if possible, do it at the same time everyday.

The scientific reason why exercising is good in order to overcome depression is that during workouts, the body releases endorphins and other hormones which aid in reducing pain and inducing feelings of calmness and euphoria. Such hormones are very helpful to combat stress and hence exercising can act like a natural antidepressant.

Step 2: Eat right – The second step in learning how to overcome depression is to become aware of good eating habits. Your diet can have a very big impact on your moods and outlook. For a few days try to stay away from junk food, processed foods, soda drinks, caffeine, and from eating too much sugar or salty foods. These foods can do a lot of harm to our minds and bodies.

Instead of such foods, try to increase the intake of milk, eggs, fish, nuts and other foods which are rich in protein. Other helpful foods are those rich in vitamins, minerals, complex starches, fiber etc. Examples of such foods are – potatoes, beans, spinach, vegetables and fruits etc.

Step 3: Sunlight – The amount of sunlight your body receives can have an effect on the circadian rhythms of the body. Hence light treatment is very effective for overcoming depression. You should try to get early morning sunlight. Simple things you can do are – read your morning newspaper sitting outside in sunlight, or go for your daily walk early in the morning after the sun has risen.

Step 4: Sleep – A good night’s sleep can be very very beneficial to overcome depression. I firmly believe that the quality of sleep is far more important that how many hours you have slept. You should also try as much as possible to maintain proper sleeping schedule – it means that sleep and wake up at regular times everyday. If you have the habit of going to sleep at 10 PM, then always maintain the timings strictly.

Another important thing is to go to sleep early at night. Nowadays many people stay awake till late. This is not good for health. Scientifically, early night’s sleep is much more beneficial. Try avoiding coffee or tea in the evenings so that you can have a peaceful and restful sleep early on in the night.

Step 5: Socializing – Pay a lot of attention to this step if you really want to know how to overcome depression permanently and easily. This is probably one of the best tips I am giving you in this regard.

When you are depressed, one of the most important things you can do is to talk to your friends and family members. Get the help, encouragement and support of those who care about you. Simple words of encouragement, a hug, a pat on the back and such loving gestures can be wonderful for a depressed person.

People can point out the positive points and strengths as well as good habits in the depressed person. This will shift the focus of the depressed person from negative to positive. The person may also feel loved and cared for.

Another important aspect of socializing is not just sharing your stories and feelings with others. You can talk of other topics and matters apart from the problems you are currently facing. You can get involved in some useful community work. Take part in some noble work which can be beneficial to other people. This can act as a strong antidote to depression.

Altruism, sympathy, helping others and being involved in noble mission can shift the focus away from your problems and help you forget and easily overcome depressing thoughts and feelings in your life. You will realize that there are many others in this world who are facing bigger and more severe problems than yourself.

Step 6: Patience and Perseverance – Remember that Rome was not built in a day. It takes time to completely overcome depression and start leading a normal life again. So you don’t have any other choice except to be patient and persevere with the above mentioned steps consistently.

Try out the above mentioned steps and don’t lose courage or hope if you don’t see immediate results or improvements in yourself. The key is to be consistent and persevere despite setbacks and frustrations. Take as many positive steps as you can to overcome depression and keep fighting till you can beat this mental illness.

How to Overcome Depression if Above Steps Fail:
Sometimes, it is not possible to fight against this problem on your own. You will need the help of others. You might need professional help like that of a doctor or psychiatrist. If you tried the above steps for a long time and still don’t see significant results and if your life is becoming intolerable day by day, then don’t hesitate to get medical or expert help.

Don’t let pride or feelings of shame and embarrassment get in the way. Many people hesitate to go to a psychiatrist out of fear of other people. But sometimes it becomes necessary to seek professional help. Depressed people may get suicidal thoughts – so it is not wise to delay getting help if your problem is severe.

I don’t like taking medication for overcoming depression. But in some cases it becomes necessary. So you should consult your doctor and find out if you really need medication. You can also try other treatment methods like cognitive-behavioral therapy, meditation techniques, relaxation and stress management techniques etc. You might even try out acupuncture remedies, self-hypnosis and EFT techniques for stress and depression.

Bad Effects of Depression on Your Life:
Some of the effects of depression on a person’s life – low self esteem, irritated behavior, mood swings, outbursts, leading secluded life, introverted behavior, avoiding company of others, negative attitude, unexplained and continuous sadness, laziness and procrastination etc. In order to overcome depression, check out this program – How to Overcome Depression Program

Find out about the depression of JK Rowling (of Harry Potter fame), click here – JK Rowling Depression

Link between Traumatic Childhood and Depression

To be very honest, I used to hate children. They nag, cry, demand attention, need to be looked after and are so damn expensive! At times I feel a smack across the face would shut them up fine. The only thing stopping me is what if they don’t stop crying? The noise would drive me crazy! I often see kids at the store nagging their mothers for a crappy brand of cereal just for the cheaply built Chinese toy. If they were my kids, I’d yank their feet out from under them and drag them to the counter! Maybe even stall a bit just so someone can run them over with a shopping cart.

You must understand these were my views up till a few years ago. I do not approve, recommend or advise treating children like I described! I am a married writer, soon to be a father who is struggling to get an engineering degree. You can see I have enough on my plate. My views only changed after an unfortunate accident, causing my nephew to move in with my wife and me.

Initially, my nephew and I shared aggressive stare downs, black eyes over the remote and the often intentional spilling of drinks on each other. With time, his smile became my inspiration. My day seems incomplete if I don’t take him to soccer or karate practice, watch him draw as I write, force my wife to chase him around the house or tuck him in at night. Well, my caveman like perception of reproduction and offspring took a u-turn.

Now I can not dream of hitting a child. The thought hadn’t entered my mind up until I wrote the first line of this article. This is because now I have become aware of how a person’s childhood shapes their future. With research as a hobby, I learned that the most prevalent cause of depression is a rough childhood. Unfortunately, man is not a perfect creature. Some are angels, and some actually get off on child porn.

Numerous insecure cowards vent on their children in the forms of physical, sexual or verbal abuse. Scientists believe if abuse begins earlier than the age of six, the likelihood of depression increases almost ten fold!
Abuse can come from parents as well as others. Amazingly, the lack of playmates, lack of new experiences, over protection and even a bad diet can lead to depression.

Mental stimulation is a necessity for everyone no matter what the age. Without proper and safe mental exercises, growth can never take place. Extreme poverty, racial discrimination and a disruptive home environment all have negative affects on the mind. All this relates to the feeling of abandonment and degradation causing insecurities. I have a few friends with childhood issues. Fortunately, the only abuse they faced was from me in high school. I wasn’t a very friendly kid.

Unfortunately all forms of abuse are not visible and are often unintentional. Misunderstanding between spouses, like arguments, also leave a gloomy image in a child’s mind. Cases have been seen where depression was initially caused by separated parents. Not everything is avoidable but I urge readers with children to take extreme caution around little ones. The best cure is love. Specially if it can be used to avoid a thing like depression.

Story of Abraham Lincoln and His Depression | abraham lincoln depression

Abraham Lincoln is known for his honesty, his failures and for resembling the ‘dude’ on the penny. In our day and time, neither of the mentioned qualities would create much hype. They would definitely not get you on the cover of a magazine.

Random fact: Abraham Lincoln shared a bed with his best friend, Joshua Speed, for duration of four years. (Maybe Michael Jackson was just born in the wrong century!) In the late eighteenth century, sharing a bed was not a sign of homosexuality. It was actually encouraged and solidified the bond between friends. Joshua Speed had come to the aid of Honest Abe many times through out his rocky life.

Another fact not known to many is that Lincoln suffered from severe depression. I’m sure now you understand why he looks dead tired and apathetic in his photographs. The poor guy lost his only brother at a very young age. His mother, aunt and uncle succumbed to disease and passed away.

A few years later his sister died while delivering a still born. He lost his job, his business collapsed (Abe was in debt for seventeen years!), he failed to be nominated for congress, senate and the vice presidency too! In my opinion, his worst failure was being dejected by two women. I don’t own a car, brush away cobwebs in my bank account and write for a living. Yet I was quite the chick magnet before I met the devil and got married. This guy is the epitome of depression!

Lincoln’s successes have been documented more than once and he is usually the best example of determination and hard work. But how did the guy cope with depression and the presidency?! Abe had true friends, will power comparable to none, and the determination of a rock and thus was able to tackle depression in a medication-free method. He was surrounded by loving people.

Many depressives don’t realize how many people care for them and similarly, he didn’t either. Often preferring solitude, weeping in public, quoting melancholic poetry and the oddly placed jokes and humor made his depression quite obvious. He depended heavily on family, friends and his bad sense of humor. He told jokes and stories at odd times – he needed the laughs, he said, for his survival. Abe also found solace in the bible. (Married men should be wary of using bad humor. Wives like mine usually show their disapproval of a bad joke by hurling a book or vase.)

My style of writing might not portray the life of depression victims as efficiently as other writers. I try to maintain a general uplifting tone. Thus, you might feel that Abraham Lincoln was not as severely depressed as our modern day, protein deprived youth. For your information, President Abraham Lincoln had also attempted suicide!

With belief, love and determination, Abe realized he could serve a great purpose by living. He ran the country during one of the worst times possible. The country had just faced the Great Depression, was in civil war and was divided by slavery and racial prejudices. President Abraham Lincoln was able to set aside his woes, and independently run the country free of his depression and melancholy.

Love, trust, faith and self belief can cure any illness in the world. I urge any depressive reading this to have faith in your loved ones around you and let them help. Suicidal inclinations should be taken very seriously and you should seek help immediately! Try keeping yourself busy, add humor to your conversations and speak about your worries to someone who can guide you and someone who cares for you. Try to do be involved in some constructive work, which can help taking your mind off things that worry you.

These tidbits/cures to depression were actually used by Honest Abe. If he can go on to become president, why can’t a depressive go on to lead a normal life? When he became president and had to deal with a lot of problems that the country was facing, he forgot all about his own depression as he got busy in resurrecting the country.

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Diagnosing Manic Depression – Lab Tests and Major Symptoms

Manic Depression, or Bipolar Disorder, is probably the hardest to diagnose in the numerous psychological abnormalities known to us. This is not because the diagnosis requires strength and agility, or is only affordable to the likes of Donald Trump. The truth is that not many people are aware of the symptoms. Even if they are, the symptoms are quite often mistaken for other disorders. As much as I want to, I can not entirely blame the doctors. Not all patients are continuously manic or depressive. They can, at times, appear symptom-free! Most patients are diagnosed well into their thirties, because their behavior earlier was just called a “phase” of life. Random debate: Is it possible every teenager is a loony?

Excessive happiness, risk taking behavior, high energy levels, lesser need of sleep, fantastic and frequent sex added with massive self esteem are symptoms of mania (sounds like the woman I wanted to marry). In extreme cases, paranoia and delusions are also present. These symptoms can be present for at least a week. The near exact opposite occurs in depression. Lack of interest in previously enjoyed activities, fatigue, noticeable loss/increase in appetite, unexplained physical complaints, suicidal inclinations and attempts and decreased sex drive are often seen (minus the suicide bit, this sounds like woman I did marry!).

If you have experienced these symptoms in a relative, friend or even yourself, consult a psychiatrist. If there have been suicidal inclinations or attempts, do not wait till the end of the 9th innings… GO NOW! The diagnosis does not have to be made the same day. It can be a long and arduous wait. The psychiatrist must consult your family’s medical history, your medical history, assess your experiences and thoughts and counter check his own decisions with further tests. I know it sounds depressing, not as depressing as The Rangers losing the World Series, but taxing none the less!

Since manic depression contains symptoms of schizophrenia, ADD, ADHD and psychosis, the diagnosis is extremely hard to make. A random fact: Depression can also cause diarrhea in some cases. In a “World of the Unaware”, it would undoubtedly be treated as if you just had something bad to eat, i.e. dinner made by me. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that you be aware of the other symptoms as well!

To add to your wealth of knowledge, there are two forms of manic depression itself, Bipolar I and its milder version Bipolar II! Now don’t start worrying about the complexity of the checks and balances, they are made to ensure the accuracy of the diagnosis.

Unfortunately, there are no physical tests to confirm the disorder’s presence in a patient. Blood tests and scans are prescribed to rule out other illnesses, but can not be used to confirm manic depression. Confirmation is provided by a complete psychiatric evaluation by a qualified professional (not your grandmother incase you were wondering).

Medication is often a recommended solution and is prescribed according to the individual’s need. I must advise you to always consider getting a second or even a third opinion. It is nothing to be ashamed of and is your right as a patient. Also, please keep your loved ones informed of your current emotional and mental state. Be sure to educate yourself and those around you about your condition incase of emergencies. And finally, please do not tell my wife about the girl I wanted to marry! I do not want a beating.

Life of Catherine Zeta Jones and Manic Depression

Catherine Zeta-Jones, the Welsh born seductress, gained fame for the role of Elena in the movie “The Mask of Zorro”. She was quite highly praised for her acting in “Entrapment” and “Traffic”. The word “vamp” was actually created for Catherine. She is a feast for the eyes even at the age of forty! I’ve been fortunate enough to have known many gorgeous women. I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world when I married one. Only later did I realize that not all beautiful women are smart!

But contrary to my research- Catherine Zeta-Jones has her own production company, is professionally trained in dancing and made $1.8 million just by giving magazines photography rights of her wedding! In law suits alone, she has made up to $5 million dollars! All that money, all that beauty, plus the beauty to maintain it all; my gut kept telling me something was off. Well guess what? She has manic depression!

Manic depression can be the hardest to diagnose of all mental disorders. This is because its symptoms are shared with numerous other disorders including ADD and Schizophrenia! It affects how you think and there fore act. Mania is a state of overly excessive self esteem, confidence, sex drive, carelessness, lacking need of sleep and general tendency to show genius. Symptoms of depression include exhaustion, increase/decrease in appetite, the lack of interest in previously enjoyed activities, reduced sexual drive, suicidal inclinations and even suicide attempts.

Mania or depression can be referred to as a significantly massive mood swinging problem. Mania can last up to a few weeks while depression can drag on for up to a year! Many undiagnosed patients have had to suffer constant intolerance by their elders, school administration, or even spouses because they were simply thought of as being unruly.

So how does someone so famous have such a disorder? If you can’t seem to connect the dots let me do it for you. With her Oscar deserving acting, she is most obviously in a manic state. She was in her extreme state of depression when she fell for Michael Douglas (the husband and every male’s enemy) and once again in mania when he fell for her! Who wouldn’t? Have you seen her body?! Imagine what she could do with that body in mania! As the years went by, Michael was diagnosed with cancer. Only after his long and exhausting recovery, did Catherine Zeta-Jones reveal that she was a patient of Bipolar I.

Living with manic depression is not easy and was probably not a single bit easier for a celebrity like Catherine. Especially since one of the major triggers of both mania and depression is stress! With constant demanding fans, an ill husband, a child to look after, a career to worry about and all the money to manage she is truly a strong woman and can be used as a role model for patients in need of one. Unfortunately, there is no physical test to prove the disorder’s presence. The only test is a psychological evaluation by a trained professional. In some extreme cases, delusions and danger to others has also been noted.

Thus, if you or someone around you has manic depression, it is your duty to learn and teach the symptoms and precautions. It was extremely brave of her to announce she was seeking help in a mental health facility. I’m sure if her millions of fans could understand her fragile mental state, your loved ones most definitely will too. If you have Bipolar disorder, come out to those around you, for their safety and your own!

Secret Lives of Manic Depression Patients

As opinionated as I am, I have been given a reputation of being judgmental and unforgiving when it comes to criticism and first impressions. I have carried the “bully” I was born as on through elementary, college and into my professional life. I enjoyed picking on people’s flaws. Oblivious to the fact that they were a bit too scared to point out mine. Excessively hyper people went down in my book as infants with a license to annoy. I saw depressed specks of life, commonly referred to as the touchy kind, as indoor plants. Keeping still, in a corner of the room, and able to survive without sunlight are traits often seen in plant-like depressives.

Now my favorite, were the people with mood swings. I didn’t need to watch them, comprehend the things they said or even be in the same room. The answer was simple. I said they were “pms-ing”.  You can surely imagine how creative I became when my amateur psych evaluation had to be done on a male with mood swings! All that changed when recently, I learned of a mental disorder called bipolar disease, or Manic Depression.

At first glance I couldn’t grip why being manic could be so bad. I mean you have the will power of Superman, feel the genius of Einstein and don’t need to sleep. I don’t even have a hyperbole to match the lacking need for sleep! The thing that really caught my attention, was the great sex people had in a manic state! Reckless, fun, in the moment, jubilant, full of life and damn right sexy is how I would describe a manic person. I for one would definitely fall in love with the person described above. I am so attracted to my description, I have decided to name the described person, Maria. Assume I married Maria in Vegas. (Please remember I asked you to “assume”. I am a happily married man who does not want trouble!)After a few amazing, furniture breaking, yelp inducing, memorable and sweaty adventures in every square inch of a cheap motel would I realize the secret life she lived. The life of agonizing mental pain, suicide attempts, guilt, fatigue and constant exhaustion. While reading about this opposite side of the disease most patients face, my sweet Maria’s face melted away.

Stephen Fry, a popular comedian in late 80’s and 90’s, had admitted to four suicide attempts by the age of seventeen. Robbie Williams, the pop icon, found the high way to hell in the form of booze and drugs. Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia as she is most often fantasized about, has admitted to excessive drinking and an intentional overdose of cocaine. Catherine Zeta-Jones has been known to check into a Mental Rehabilitation center after Michael Douglas’s cancer recovery (I still think she was depressed about him surviving!).  Vincent Van Gogh, the legendary painter of the Starry Night, is said to have be in extreme mania to paint as he did. Unfortunately, he was in his extreme depression when he killed himself.

You might think you are extremely fortunate that there isn’t a manic depressive in your life. But are you sure? You would only have seen the partying, socialite manic forms. Neither of us would know when they are depressed, under the bed covers nibbling on a million dollars worth of pills in an attempt to end their misery! According to a recent survey, there are nearly three million bipolar patients in the United Kingdom. The United States has nearly six million! It’s almost as if you have to be a manic depressive to be called an American!

I guess being manic depressive is almost like being a homosexual man, in a Super bowl winning football team. Being tackled by a gay man would not bode well in the locker room. There is an unavoidable stigma attached to it, one which I used to verbally abuse too! But in no way does a man’s sexual preference affect his ability to blitz the opposition back to the measly town they came from. Manic depressives should undoubtedly come out.

To hell with the uninformed, misguided, inbred, intolerant world! You are God’s creation and undoubtedly deserve to live a fulfilling life. For one, you are the life of the party. And secondly, for your own safety, keep friends and family informed of how to help you incase of an emergency. If not for yourself, if not for me, if not for your family… Do it for Maria.

How to Love your Spouse Suffering from Manic Depression

Love is said to increase with time. You get married, have children, age and eventually die. Yes, life is like that for the most of us mortals. People go far with words. The funniest statement I’ve heard is, “Our love is aging like fine wine!” Are you serious? My wife and I are both college graduates. I just checked again! We never learned anything like that! Truth be told, the only thing aging is us. My love is still as young as the day I first laid eyes on the little miscreant! I have yet to get her views on the matter though. Marriage is testing no doubt. I can not imagine how testing it would be if your spouse was suffering from manic depression. I can say love conquers all.

Oblivious to many, manic depression is a very common disorder. The patients suffer from extreme risk taking behavior, carelessness with money, over zealous attitude, no need for sleep, high self esteem and an state. These symptoms can last from a day to a week. The depression involves suicidal inclinations, rapid increase/decrease in appetite, drowsiness through out the day, decline in sex drive and even unexplained physical complaints. Depression can last for months on end!

The worrying bit is that the patient diagnosed usually shows symptoms of both mania and then depression from time to time. There can be instances where the patient is symptom free! A teensy weensy crack at the patient’s appearance can cause an unexpected reaction. They might go into a depressive state or maybe even laugh it off as if it were the funniest thing they had ever heard! Extreme patients can also experience hallucinations!

Problems Between Spouses When One Has Manic Depression

Like me, every happily married man usually describes his wife with the symptoms of manic depression. But only one married to a patient would understand the true meaning of the disorder. Unfortunately, the figures reveal that marriages don’t last very long when the spouse has manic depression symptoms. Divorcees have often complained of the inability of their spouse to hold down a job, save money, satisfy them and even act remotely in love. In my view, did these people actually love their spouse to begin with? Not once have I heard a patient complaining of how misunderstood they were!

They simply moved on living with the burden and false pretense that will never be loved! Marriage is about understanding, patience, care and having no fear of what might happen as long as they are with the one they love! (I should get my wife to read that last bit. Maybe I’ll get a steak dinner tonight.) With the first sign of trouble they file for a divorce?

Love, Care and Patience

Unknown to them, there are ways to help patients monitor their manic and depression attacks. With a caring individual, the patient is guaranteed to be under constant care and supervision. This reduces the chances of an episode exponentially. Even if the patient refuses medication, a little patience, a lot of love and trust in one another can help a marriage survive. If today I find out my wife has the disorder I won’t just run out and buy all the drugs legally possible. But I won’t leave her because she spends too much, or doesn’t get it on anymore. I’ve been married for years now and I’m pretty much used to that already!

Steps if Your Spouse Displays Manic Depression Symptoms
If your spouse has the disorder, sit down with a professional and have a long discussion. Learn about the symptoms and how to prevent them. It will require time and patience. You must learn to watch and understand what’s going on inside your spouse’s head. If love can’t lift one out of depression, or bring someone back to earth during mania, I’m not sure what can.

If you or someone close has the disorder, please learn to recognize the symptoms and make sure you know what to do incase of an emergency. No human being was created perfect. Having a disorder does not mean you are not capable of being loved.

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Treating Depression Naturally, Quickly and Permanently

What are the ways of treating depression naturally without any medication? I really hate medication as a way of treating depression. I think people should avoid medicine at all costs. If your depression is too severe and has been going on for long time, you might consult a doctor and take medication. But for others, it is best to try natural ways of treating depression. Do you want to experience numerous negative side effects of medicine in your life?

3 Ways of Treating Depression Naturally

If you are interested in treating depression naturally, then here are some tips and suggestions for you:

1. Exercise – This is one of the best ways of treating depression naturally. There is no need for any anti-depressant as exercise itself is a powerful anti-depressant. It helps in elevating your mood. You can instantly feel your spirits lifting after a workout. This could be because when you exercise, the same neurotransmitter system of the body is affected as happens when taking medicine.

Recent studies have confirmed that exercise is indeed excellent remedy for treating depression. It can help in getting rid of various symptoms of depression quite reliably. In most cases, exercise can be helpful in treating mild to moderate levels of depression. You should exercise for at least 30 minutes or an hour to see significant improvements in your mood. You should exercise regularly and not skip many days in between.

2. Psychotherapy – This can be useful in treating depression naturally. It consists of a series of steps and techniques for treating various mental and emotional disorders in humans. It creates awareness in patients about what things make them happy and positive and what things trigger anxiety in them.

If people become better at identifying the underlying triggers for positive and negative feelings, it can help them cope better with anger and hopelessness. The key is to find out what works best for you and what techniques are most effective for your condition. Each individual is different and may react positively to different technique than others.

3. Self Help Techniques – Another way to treat depression is self-help techniques. If you cannot afford the services of psychologist, then you can try various depression self help techniques by yourself or take the help of friends. You can work at your own pace and start with small, easy steps.

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Postpartum Depression Treatment – Easy Cure Tips

Postpartum Depression Symptoms and TreatmentCongratulations, having a baby is one of the most important and happiest days in any one’s life. Giving birth to baby is easily one of the most physical and emotional success in any women’s life. Unfortunately, why do many women feel sad and depress during pregnancy or after it. Some face post partum depression and find delivery difficult are in state dealing with serious conditions.

Experts revel that some of the reasons behind postpartum depression are physical exhaustion, loss of blood, drugs and hormones are all reasons that cause her health to deteriorate.

Even problem with child after birth can cause mother to remain in postpartum depression for longer time. If a woman feels she is being stuck with baby full time this feeling can too cause postpartum depression and even more so if husband is away from house more than she would like to spent time.

If mother suffers with postpartum depression then she is not allowed to take drugs for postpartum depression. Since these drugs can be passed to baby by her milk. As many as 80% women undergo mood changes after pregnancy like for example they feel upset, unloving to their baby, afraid and they too see themselves guilty for feel this way.

Most women experience mild symptoms and these go away by themselves. Such depression occurs soon after having a baby that some health professionals call it postpartum non-psychotic depression. This condition takes place in about 10-20% of women within a short span after child birth.

In here factor that can proof risky are previous major depression, psychosocial stress and inadequate social support and even previous premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

Women suffering from postpartum depression worry about baby’s health and have negative thoughts about baby. Fearing about harming the infant even though they do rarely act on them.

Symptoms of such disorder are depressed mood, tearfulness, inability to enjoy pleasurable activities, sleep trouble, appetite problems and suicidal thoughts.

They also feel there are inadequate as a parent and have not proper concentration.

Changes in hormones can affect mood, many new mothers are very tired after giving birth. Muscle ton change also occurs after delivery and soreness and pain in area around the birth canal makes many women uncomfortable. Physical recovery after cesarean delivery may take even longer after vaginal delivery.

Some common emotional changes after women delivery babies are:

  • They feel loss of an old identity or are overwhelmed with responsibilities of motherhood.
  • They feel stress from changes in routine, experience fatigue due to improper sleep patterns.
  • Are less attractive sexually and feel trapped at home. Note number of children or mother’s age has nothing to relate to her likelihood of getting postpartum depression.